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Tennessee Court Records

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Davidson County Court Records

Most legal proceedings in Davidson County, Tennessee, are documented within the local court system. These records include dockets, exhibits, filings, orders, and other information created or collated from a court's adjudicative functions.

Davidson County court records help preserve case history and provide the required resources for legal research, judicial administration, and public transparency. Members of the public can inspect and obtain copies of court records in Davidson County to pursue different legal causes or stay in touch with the county's justice system.

Are Court Records Public in Davidson County?

Yes, the Tennessee Public Records Act and the Tennessee Rules of Supreme Court 34 affirm the public's right to inspect and obtain Davidson County court records. According to T.C.A 10-7-503(a)(2), documents and data generated and collated by courts for their official duties are public information.

However, state law and court rules do not grant unlimited access to Davidson County court records. Certain records are explicitly restricted from public access in T.C.A 10-7-503(a) and Tennessee Rules of Supreme Court 34(2)(C). The public cannot view sealed court records, some juvenile case information, and records related to ongoing investigations.

Davidson County Court Records Search

The first step in searching for court records in Davidson County is confirming the court that holds the record (usually where a case was filed). Subsequently, inquirers can approach the Clerk of the presiding court.

Each Clerk's office provides different resources and guidelines for viewing case files and procuring copies. However, members of the public can search for documents using case numbers, names, and dates. They may also be required to pay fees stipulated by the Clerk's office to reproduce, certify, or receive (by mail) court records.

Davidson County Court Records Search by Name

Name-based court record searches require the name of a defendant, plaintiff, or prosecutor to identify related case records. The search is provided at no cost on online platforms run by the different court clerks. For example, the Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk offers a web-based Case Search application that members of the public can use to locate case information with a defendant's first and last name.

Providing other details besides a name, such as a case or complaint/incident number, can expedite the record retrieval process, whether one conducts the search remotely or goes to the courthouse.

Davidson County Courts

Residents of Davidson County are served by a robust court system. This system comprises the circuit, criminal, chancery, general sessions, and juvenile courts. Below are their physical addresses:

Circuit Court 1st-8th Circuit

Metro Courthouse
1 Public Square
Nashville, Tennessee 37201

Criminal Court, Divisions 1-6

Justice A.A. Birch Building
408 2nd Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37201

Chancery Court, Parts 1-4

Metro Courthouse
1 Public Square
Nashville, Tennessee 37201

General Sessions Court in Davidson County

Justice A. A. Birch Building
408 2nd Avenue North
P.O. Box 196300
Nashville, TN 37219

Juvenile Courts in Davidson County

Juvenile Justice Center
100 Woodland Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37213
Phone: (615) 862-8000

Municipal/City Courts in Davidson County

Belle Meade City Court
City Hall Courtroom
4705 Harding Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37205
Phone: (615) 298-1223

Berry Hill Municipal Court
Berry Hill City Hall
698 Thompson Lane
Nashville, Tennessee 37204
Phone: (615) 292-5531

Forest Hills Municipal Court
6300 Hillsboro Pike
Forest Hills, Tennessee 37215
Phone: (615) 372-8677

Goodlettsville Municipal Court
105 South Main Street
Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072
Phone: (615) 851-2214

Oak Hill City Court
5548 Franklin Pike
Suite 101
Nashville, Tennessee 37220
Phone: (615) 371-8291

Davidson County Superior Court Case Search

Davidson County has no superior courts. Instead, circuit courts in the county serve as the highest trial courts. Deemed courts of general jurisdiction, the Davison County circuit courts have sovereignty similar to superior courts in states like California and Connecticut. Moreover, Tennessee law allows the general assembly to create criminal courts in certain counties, like Davidson County, to relieve the burden of the circuit court.

The Davidson County criminal and circuit courts hear matters above other trial courts' jurisdictions. They also have concurrent jurisdiction with some courts in specific cases, such as partition and sale of property matters. Both courts have separate clerks charged with maintaining and dispensing court records to the public.

People interested in obtaining records from either court can use the resources provided by the Davidson County Circuit Clerk or Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk's offices. Usually, records can be viewed at a clerk's office for free.

However, requesters must pay for copies: 50 cents per page for plain copies and $5 to certify each document. They may also need to pay for the services of office staff, depending on how much assistance is required to track down a record.

The Circuit Court Clerk

Individuals can query the circuit court clerk's office for circuit court files and civil records of the general sessions courts as follows:

  • Online: The Clerk's CaseLink database can be accessed to view case information and files. It is a subscription-based service where intending users must sign up and pay a $25 monthly fee to view and print documents. Still, documents and information obtained from this portal are not considered official records and are only available for information purposes. People who require certified records must inquire directly at the Clerk's office.
  • In-Person or By Mail: Individuals can request and receive copies of court records from the circuit clerk's office in person or by mail. For mail requests, one may prepare a written request containing pertinent case details and mail it to the appropriate Clerk's office division.

Inquirers may also fill out the Public Records Request form and mail or hand deliver it to the office's designated records custodian. More information about the Clerk's open records policy is provided on the office's website.

The Criminal Court Clerk

The Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk maintains criminal court records for the general sessions and state trial criminal courts in Davidson County. The clerk also provides online and offline resources for viewing and obtaining criminal court records:

  • Online: The criminal court clerk's Case Search system is accessible to members of the public. People can search for court cases using a defendant's name, case number, or incident/complaint number. They can also use a defendant's date of birth to filter the search results. The database provides details such as charges, bond information, court appearances, case decisions, court costs, and incarceration details (if sentenced).
  • In Person or Via Mail: People can visit the Criminal Court Clerk's office at 408 2nd Avenue North, Suite 2120, Nashville, TN 37201, to request criminal court records. Alternatively, they may call (615) 862-5601 for mail-in request procedures or send a Public Records Request form (found at the bottom of the public records policy document) to the office. Usually, a name or case number is required to facilitate a search.

Davidson County District Court Records

District courts are traditionally courts of limited jurisdiction in certain U.S. states. That means they can only hear and handle specific cases as authorized by law. Courts of limited jurisdiction are not referred to as "district courts" in Davidson County. Such courts include the Chancery, General Sessions, and Juvenile Courts.

Chancery courts focus on equity cases, where the chancellor or judge can adjust legal rules to achieve fair outcomes. General sessions courts handle certain civil and criminal cases not heard by the circuit courts. Juvenile courts hear cases involving children below 18 years.

Members of the public can contact the clerks of each court to find and obtain court records.

Chancery Court Case Records

Records created and received by the Davidson Chancery Court are maintained and disbursed by the Chancery Court Clerk and Master. The office provides the following offline and online resources for viewing and ordering court records:

  • Online Public Records Access: The Clerk and Master's Public Records database holds chancery court records from 1997 to present. It disseminates information such as party and attorney names, case events, court orders, hearing dates, reference numbers, and disposition.

People can search the database with case numbers, party information, or attorney details. The system also allows users to search by filing date and narrow their search results using parameters such as the case type or status.

  • Online Chancery Information Access (CIA) portal: The CIA is a subscription-based online portal that allows members of the public to view and print case documents. They can also view other details found on the public records access system. It costs $45 per quarter.
  • In Person: People can visit the Chancery Court Clerk and Master's file room to inspect records and order copies. They can also fill out the Public Records Request form and mail it to the Clerk's Public Records Request Coordinator at:

Historic Metro Courthouse
1 Public Square, Suite 308
Nashville, TN 37201
Phone: (615) 862-5710
Fax: (615) 862-5722
Email: clerkandmasterrecords@jis.nashville.org

Requesters must provide proof of citizenship and pay the required fees to procure chancery court records.

General Sessions Court Case Records

The circuit and criminal court clerks maintain and dispense court records generated during legal proceedings in the general sessions courts. The circuit court clerk holds general sessions civil court records, while the criminal court clerk is the primary custodian for general sessions criminal court records.

People seeking these records can use the appropriate Clerk's resources.

Juvenile Court Case Records

Individuals can view or obtain juvenile court records from the Juvenile Court Clerk's office. Some documents may be viewed at no cost. However, one must pay to order copies of juvenile case files. Each copy costs 50 cents, and certifying each document costs $5.

Requestors must fill out the Public Request form and submit it to the designated PRRC (Public Records Request Coordinator) by mail or in person. The complete address is stated in the Clerk's open records policy document (part III).

It is important to note that not all juvenile records are open to the public, per T.C.A 37-1-153.

Davidson County Criminal Records

Criminal records in Davidson County are documents generated from arrest incidents within the county. Individuals can query the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, the official custodian of all police records in Davidson County, for Davidson arrest records.

However, the office requires a photo ID for records requests. Further, only Davidson County arrests and criminal charge information will be disseminated, not the disposition of the court case (for those records, one can query the Criminal Court Clerk)

Requesters must fill out the form embedded in the MNPD's Open Records Request Policy and send it to the following address in person, by mail, or via email:

MNPD Central Records Division
811 Anderson Lane, Suite 100
Madison, Tennessee 37115
Phone: (615) 862-7631
Email: MNPDPublic@nashville.gov

Note that fees are charged for copy requests. Each Davidson County arrest record check costs $13

Davidson County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Persons seeking Davidson court records generated during criminal proceedings can use resources provided by any of the following offices:

  • The Criminal Court Clerk (for criminal and general sessions criminal court cases)
  • The Juvenile Court Clerk (for juvenile delinquency cases)

Get Davidson County Civil Court Records

The circuit, chancery, and general sessions courts in Davidson County handle civil cases. These cases typically involve legal disagreements between two or more parties over matters like personal injury, land and title, and landlord and tenant evictions, among others.

Individuals seeking records generated from civil proceedings can approach the clerks of the respective courts (where a case was filed). For example, the public can use resources provided by the Circuit Court Clerk to find civil case records generated by the circuit and general sessions courts.

Davidson County Family Court Records

The circuit, chancery, and juvenile courts handle Davidson County family law matters. These cases include adoption, child custody, divorce, and paternity proceedings.

Individuals can contact the following offices to find and order records created during these family court actions:

  • Office of the Circuit Court Clerk
  • The Chancery Court Clerk and Master
  • The Juvenile Court Clerk

Certain records, such as juvenile matters not connected to traffic courts, are only accessible to authorized individuals.

Davidson Dissolution of Marriage Records

Inquirers may contact or visit the offices of the Davidson County Circuit Court Clerk and Chancery Court Clerk and Master for dissolution of marriage records, depending on the family court that granted a divorce or annulment. A fee is charged for copies; however, one may view a court record online on a Clerk's Case Search portal or in person during office hours at no cost.

Davidson County Marriage and Divorce Records

Persons seeking divorce records in Davidson County can query the court where a case was filed or that issued a divorce judgment.

As divorce records (certificates) are deemed part of Davidson County vital records, a person can also request copies from the Tennessee Department of Health's Office of Vital Records for records issued from 1974 to date in person, by mail, or online. For records generated before 1974, individuals can go through the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

On the other hand, individuals can submit requests to the Davidson County Clerk and the Tennessee Department of Health's Office of Vital Records to obtain Davidson County marriage certificates and licenses.

Marriage records filed before 1974 can be obtained from the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Moreover, individuals can get Davidson County marriage records created between 1788 and February 2017 from the Metropolitan Archives of Nashville and Davidson County. The Archives maintains an online marriage index from 1788 to 1916.

Davidson Birth and Death Records

Individuals can order Davidson birth and death records through the Tennessee Department of Health's Office of Vital Records and the Metro Public Health Department Services.

Not everyone can get copies of death and birth records. 100 years must pass after a birth, and 50 years must pass after an individual's death for these records to become public information. Only individuals specified in T.C.A 68-3-205 can obtain Davidson County birth and death certificates before they become public.

Individuals can obtain certified copies of Davidson birth records and death certificates from the Metro Public Health Department Services in person or by mail. They must fill out the Application for True Copy of Certificate of Death or Application for True Copy of Certificate of Birth form and mail it to or submit at the following address:

Lentz Public Health Center
2500 Charlotte Avenue
Vital Records
Nashville, Tennessee 37209

Individuals can also request through the State Office of Vital Records by downloading and completing the Certified Copy of Tennessee Certificate of Birth or Certified Copy of a Tennessee Certificate of Death application form and mailing it to or submitting it at the following address:

Tennessee Vital Records
Andrew Johnson Tower
1st Floor
710 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

The state's Vital Records Office also allows members of the public to use their approved online vendor for online orders.

Davidson County Probate Court Records

The Davidson County Circuit Court Clerk doubles as the Probate Court Clerk. The office is the main custodian for records generated during probate cases involving wills, estate settlements, trusts, and other probate matters.

Individuals can use the resources provided by the Circuit Clerk, such as the subscription-based online database and mail-in or in-person options discussed earlier, to view and obtain probate case records. Moreover, they can use the Probate Estate Lookup tool to search probate estate cases using case numbers, party names, and filing dates as search queries.

Inquirers may contact the Clerk's office using the following information:

Probate Court Clerk's Office
1 Public Square
Suite 302
Nashville, Tennessee 37201
Phone: (615) 862-5980
Fax: (615) 862-5987
Fax Filings: (615) 296-4502
Email: probateclerksupport@jisnashville.gov

Mailing Address

Probate Court Clerk's Office
P.O. Box 196300
Nashville, Tennessee 37219-6300

They can also fill out the circuit clerk's Public Records Request form (by clicking "Public Records Information under "Court Data" on the Clerk's website) and send it to the designated PRRC for probate information at:

Probate Court Clerk's Office
Historic Metro Nashville Courthouse
1 Public Square, Room 303
Nashville, Tennessee 37201
Phone: (615) 862-5980

Davidson County Property Records

Property records include documents and information about real estate in Davidson County and the Nashville area. The records include ownership details, property transfers, assessments, and tax information.

Members of the public may require property information when engaging in real estate transactions, especially when verifying a property's ownership and tax history. Other stakeholders, such as lenders, may also look up property recorders to determine a property's value.

Interested parties have the following options to look up property records in Davidson County:

Davidson County Court Records Online

Members of the public looking to view Davidson County court records online can patronize third-party vendors (or third-party websites). These private businesses provide online avenues to find case records on one consolidated database. That way, a person does not have to switch between the chancery, juvenile, circuit, and criminal court clerk's offices, especially when they do not know which office holds a document.

Third-party vendors like courtrecords.us charge for their services and are not affiliated with any government agency; hence, inquirers are advised to verify information obtained from them.

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